Sunday, December 12, 2010

$15.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

We recently just made it to 200 fans last week on my Facebook Page - up by 9 this past weekend. Due to that amazing milestone, I am hosting a $15.00 gift certificate to my shop!! Image what you could pick up from me with just $15.00... a few pairs of earrings, perhaps a bracelet you have been eying or maybe put it towards the purchase of one of my fun necklaces or hey, give it away as a gift this Christmas? Whatever you want to do, the choices are endless. How do you enter? Simply head to my facebook page: and click on the tab that says $15.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway :) Put in your name and email address and your on your way to maybe winning!!The contest ends tonight at 11:59! One winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

My fans really are great and I am so appreciative of there input and all that they have done for me. Facebook has really allowed me to spread my business on a social network, 6 years ago that never would've existed. Gosh, I remember being a student at OU and having to submit our school to there network so we could get on Facebook.. now some odd years later here we are!


  1. hi sweetie, saw your thread on etsy so i'm your first follower! wow you've done this blog up fab!

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  2. Hey Miss!!

    Thanks for the follow :) I am still working on editing this and making it great.