Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Handmade Christmas Holiday

This was the first year that Mr.Hockey and I had to make a tough decision on our fiances for Christmas gifts. Normally we don't really have a budget and just go with the flow, but with a limited pay check and student loans taking over our lives, we decided that this year we just could not afford to give lavish gifts. So instead, I thought it would be perfect to make my gifts this year. Easy enough since my business is handmade jewelry.

I made these super cute bracelets with a matching pair of earrings. Sorry for not including a picture of the earrings.. I got a little caught up with everything during the holidays and wasn't able to steal a picture before I packaged them up. This was the only bracelet I was left with because from now on, I learned to make one for my keeping, so that I can always have another on hand for showing.

I just love these bracelets. Perfect for Christmas and Valentines Day as well. I added the heart toggle charm because I wanted my recipients to know I made if from the heart - full of love, call it cheesy, but I enjoy making jewelry for others. It was nice to see the reactions of my family members who received. So what did I learn this holiday season from a home made stand point? It is much more gratifying to make something then to go out and purchase something for someone. When you are good at something then you should go all out and gift what you are good at. People are going to appreciate it much more then a simple gift card or an item that you may not have use for. 

My family has always been crafty and home made so I was not surprised to receive so many other home made items this year. Geee, wonder where I get it from!!

My aunt made these super cute window/door draft stoppers which I LOVE, I use them all over my house and was pleased to receive another to add to my collection. Both of my cousins made delicious snacks to enjoy this week. I've already devoured the chocolate and caramel popcorn and ate my portion of chocolate dipped brownies. Mr.Hockey better get on top of his portion otherwise he is going to lose out.  My other aunt gave us beef pot pies that are big hit in our family. Note the handmade card she also put the gift in. She couldn't really wrap it because they do need to be kept frozen! Her friend makes them and are requested all the time. Mr.Hockey and I can't wait to dig into it later this week. I also bought handmade for my little Benji for Christmas. He is wearing his new sweater from Lynda Knits on Etsy! Check her out:

Handmade Holidays are so much more appreciated and are even more appreciated too between artist to artist or baker to baker because you both equally know how much time and effort you put into making the perfect gift.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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