Monday, December 20, 2010

Review of my latest Etsy Purchase..

I'd like to highlight some of my purchases on Etsy and give reviews on them to help gain exposure to some of the great sellers that are out there because I don't feel enough of us do that. This Christmas, I decide to make it a handmade / local business Christmas. Being that Mr. Hockey and I are big supporters of local businesses we thought that this would be the perfect investment for our Christmas gifts this year. So for today, I would like to highlight this amazing seller on Etsy:

The Bathing Garden

Shannon the owner of the company is super sweet. The Bathing Garden offers a variety of candles, tarts and soaps that are all soy based. Which provide no toxic fumes like some of my previous favorites did I.E. Yankee Candle. Her prices are absolutely beyond affordable.

With a 6 piece wax tart, I paid $3.50 with the initial shipment of $4.00 and $.50 per additional purchase. I was lucky enough to grab on to her special of buy 2 get one free. She provided excellent customer service and went out of her way after there was a mishap with the order. I ordered a variety of different scents many of which were Christmas/winter themed ones. Chocolate Peppermint Snowball was my absolute favorite. This soy based melt literally smells like I am baking the most delirious treat. Mr. Hockey LOVES this scent out of the 8 I received.  If you have recently been into Bath and Body Works and smelled there peppermint snowball candle, this smells completely identical. I wish I could dish on all the scents I purchased, but most are gifts and well, I don't want my family knowing what scents they could be receiving...  

However, without a doubt or question in my mind, I highly recommend this seller to anyone that enjoys burning tarts. These have been a real treat and I am beyond trilled with my purchase. She even adds an extra goody with your purchase which I wont disclose, because you will just have to see for yourself.

For more information about the seller and to purchase visit:

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