Sunday, December 12, 2010

Toxic Black Necklace

This just screams HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm very proud of this creation! When I picked up the materials, I just knew this was going to come out as a beauty. Have you ever created something and you just didn't want to give it up. I know the perfect black shiny blouse this would look stunning with. However, this is my business and sadly, someone is going to snatch this up. At least it's a beautiful piece someone will truly enjoy. It wasn't too bad of a labor intensive job because this time, I had laid out the beads the way I wanted it to look. I should do that more often. This is going to be one of my higher priced necklaces just because of the amount of glass pearls that were used and oddly enough, the black accents on the necklace did put a hole in my pocket but I just had to have them. 

Black Toxic Necklace $40.00

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