Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is your drive for success?

Mr.Hockey and I are very dedicate and motivated individuals and although we are young, we have achieved many great things so far in our early twenties. As time goes forward, we like to plan out where we want to be in the future and then work hard towards getting there. Our finances took a dip when I lost my job last year but we still somehow managed to put on a very beautiful wedding that we paid for ourselves and buy a brand new car. Now, we have the goal of buying our first house - we are really growing out of our condo and need to buy something a bit more bigger and "kid" friendly. With my business taking off, I really need a studio to create in and although renting out space with another crafter sounds pleasing, it's really not in our budget at the moment.

So for the next year or so both Mr.Hockey and I are going to work extra hard to pull in as much money as we can to achieve this:

We both love the Tuscan look and while looking through a sub-division in our area, we just fell in love with this and both said we have to have this. It's a lot but we are so motivated to do this that will do whatever it takes to get there. Mr.Hockey is working on putting together several side IT business jobs as well as still working full time, while I solely dedicate my time to expanding and creating my business, working even longer and harder hours. Not sure when will both find time to sleep but, this is our motivation to get to where we want to be.

What motivates you? What do you define your success as? When Mr.Hockey first asked me what I defined success as, I simply stated having my bachelors degree however, when he said visually - I couldn't really think of something right off the top of my head. I'm not a materialist person so it was hard to think of something. Then he brought me over to look at homes and finally it dawned on me.. having a really nice home shows off that success and hard work.

Our dream home IS going to be our first home because we ARE going to do this. So, if we have to stay in this condo for another 3 years then so be it. We want that dream home and will achieve it by working very hard to get there. So whenever I feel like I am having an off day and can't seem to grasp things, because believe me being a business owner makes you feel that way sometimes, I will just look at that photo for inspiration and motivation and remember the big IS and ARE.

Tuscan home.. here we come ~

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