Friday, January 28, 2011

Tired of Cooking....

Alright I am getting a little tired of my wifely duties as is many other wives out there can relate to sometimes you just get sick of cooking every single day. We live on a tight budget with just basically one solid income my husbands, so we can't really afford to wine and dine every other day. After months of contemplating on making easy recipes or eating cereal (I am really not a bad cook) I decided it's time to purchase a slow cooker. My mother-in-law had given us a recipe book with 365 days worth of recipes and today.. well, I finally put it to use. A year later (shame shame, I know)

So how was my experience, really wasn't too bad. I made soup, because well, I didn't want to waste a huge piece of meat if I was an epic failure with it. The soup I found in the book was crab chowder.. yummy I thought, well it could've used crab meat then it called for but overall, I think it's the best invention for the busy housewife and or mom.

So overall I will give the slow cooker an A+. It will now sit promptly on my island waiting for it's next use. Anyone have some good recipes for that baby? I've got a lot of creating to do in the weeks ahead so I am sure I will be busy creating new and exciting slow cooker recipies.. wonder if Mr.Hockey will figure out my new technique? Will just let him think I am a master cooker :)

Night loves <3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Planning for a Wedding Shower

I get the super exciting task to plan my sisters wedding shower and bachlorette party as the wonderfully talented Matron of Honor.. I've done a lot of looking around for DIY projects because let's face it, we can not financially afford to go all out.. we're already struggling as it is and I know that I am talented and put on a good party. I always do! So I've nailed down some dates and some ideas. I'm absolutely in love with this whole look and want to recreate it.

She really likes the soft pink look so I am going to give it to her for her shower. The tissue paper pom poms looks super easy to make and at such an affordable price, I can probably make a ton of them. Were going to be super lucky because one of the bridesmaids is going to culinary school right now so I am sure she is going to tantalize our taste buds with some amazing goodies. I can't wait to get started on all the planning.. I just love planning parties and getting all creative in a different aspect other than jewelry!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Woo-hoo it's FRIDAY and that means I am giving away another pair of my gorgeous earrings! The first giveaway of 2011 and I am going to up the anty a little bit and giveaway a pair that are just glamorous for all my beautiful fans.

Up for grabs are these beautiful vintage inspired clear pink beauties. These are made with clear 6mm swarovski crystal bicones and 7x7 very light pink stunning crystal fixated to bronze ear wires and findings. They are wire wrapped for secure protection. Pictures do not do these beauties justice, you have to see them in person to oooo and ahhhh over them!!

So to enter, just head on over to my Facebook Page: become a "liker" if your not already, then leave a comment underneath the picture. One random winner will be chosen tomorrow morning and annouced on Facebook.

Good Luck and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Other Family Crafts

I've stated before that crafting is in my blood. My mother is a crafter, started with her making tee-shirts and then to making cards and my Aunt Kathy is a crafter.. she is a much bigger crafter then anyone else that I know. She actually gives me the motivation to continue to craft and do what makes me happy. So big kuddo's to my Auntie who inspires me to follow my dreams and do what I love doing! I just have to share the latest craft she has started. Doggie Scarfs. These scarfs are just darling and something you can't find everywhere. They are just too cute and I am super glad that Benji doesn't mind one bit having these on him.

I apologize for the lack in photo quality, this was taken on my phone and it was the only picture that came out with Benji not moving around. This is his latest scarf - a Valentines Day one.. I swear to god isn't it too cute? She even made a small little toy bone for him too - it even squeaks! I love it :) He is absolutely too spoiled. How can you not, he's small and just gives me such great joy!

I just love getting these little scarfs, she does such a great job and I've mentioned on numerous occasions she should sell these, but she won't because to her it becomes a job other than a hobby, which I can understand. There are many things that I would love to do but I worry that I would turn it into a job other than a hobby! Guess its good to keep those things on the back burner until I see where Kaliah Designs takes me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Mommy!!

Today was my fabulous Mothers birthday and to celebrate the occasion, I made her this custom charm bracelet with her astrological sign and the garnet stones as her birthstone. Of course I added a bit of glitz to it because well, that is just my style and she is glamorous!

She was very happy to receive it and wore it as soon as she opened the box. After receiving her gift, we hit the road to one of her favorite restaurants, Brio! Seemed like we were in there for ever due to our waitress training someone with her, but it's always good eats there. It felt great to have some real yummy food! It's been awhile since having the surgery! I'm back though and ready to eat! *lol* I went to the craft store to stock up on some more boxes, so many orders going out this week.. which is great! No sales on beads but I'm thinking of sticking to my supplier that I found online now. I find the quality is a bit better anyways, which is what I'm striving for now anyways. Well, it's time to get some work done! Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Custom Birthstone Bracelets

I'd like to feature one of my hottest sellers, my custom birthstone bracelets. They make the perfect for mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts - really anyone with children! I normally make these bracelets with anyone with two plus kids, but I can do it with just one and add smaller crystals to accent the main birthstone. Below is my price list for these bracelets.

Birthstone Bracelets

Choose from the selected colors from this color chart

 Price list as is followed: 
1 Stone with Crystal Accents: $20.00
2 Stones: $20.00
3-4 Stones: $22.00
5+ Stones: $25.00

If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me at:
With subject line - Birthstone Bracelets

What Helps You Create?

The sweet sounds of music and a great candle burning is what gets my creativity flowing. Today, I listened to such a variety of music that if someone was listening they would think, gee this girl has a great music selection. The greatest invention to the iPod was the Pandora App. It is a HUGE part of my creative process because I can listen to such great music that may not already be on my play list.

Sooo.. what music did I listen to today? Well, it went from the Celion Dion station to the Britney Spears station back to the Van Halen station then back to Miss Britney! Regardless of what people say, I have always been a big Britney fan and will continue to be - I just love her music! Occasionally I stop working and break out into a dance while my dog looks at me funny - Hey I gotta get out of my chair anyways to move around! Plus, I burn some calories!!

So what gets you inspired?? Let's here it :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful Valentine's Day Treasury

This afternoon, I got a really nice e-mail from Etsy seller LittleSnuggliesbyVal letting me know that she picked my Vintage Valentines Day bracelet for her Valentine's Day Treasury. I always get super excited to be picked to be in a treasury as it shows me that someone other than myself, simply adores my creations and it allows my shop to get some extra traffic to my site. Definitely check out her work too, such cute stuff! Check it out the treasury below:

You can also get a better look at here too:

I'm still working on getting better images, I see so many people that can grab it just perfect. Ugh, if only I could do that. If someone out there can teach me how, that would be greatly apperciated!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Local Business Find

I'm still in a bit of recovery mode and spent the day just hanging out at my mom's house lounging on her couch. I needed a change of scenery! Contemplating on if I was going to stay for dinner because she didn't have enough for both Scott and I to eat over she told me I could just grab two more pot pies from the local business up the road. Now, I am not one to be a fan of pot pies but at this point, I am craving any sort of hard food, so I just went ahead and said alright sounds fine to me.

Boy am I glad that I did. This small business up the road from my parents house called Marquee Marque Pasties has the BEST pot pies I have ever tasted. Just simply amazing! It basically melted in my mouth - I was truly enjoying the taste of meat in my mouth and it helped to chew because it wasnt too hard for me, which at this point is a plus.

Now, I should acknowledge that it's not really a pot pie because it doesn't come in a pot. It's just like a pazone but it's beefy with veggies. Probably better for you :) 

Mr.Hockey was impressed and agreed this would be our place to get pot pies from, from now on. They were absolutely reasonably priced and making it a small local business, gives it two thumbs up.

If you live south eastern Michigan, I urge you to take a drive to Sterling Heights to check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can I Be Healed Now?

Gosh this is terrible.. I had ALL four of my wisdom teeth pulled last Friday afternoon and I am still recovering. I thought that this was going to be an easy recovery but boy was I wrong. I've been lucky enough that I did not swell up like many do but the pain is just unbearable. It was so bad on the third day that I convinced myself that I had a dry socket. I talked to the surgeons office and they told me to come on in because it sounded like I could be developing one. My journey to the office was quite the eventful one. My mom came to pick me up since I can't drive because of all the medicine I am on. Prior to her coming, I had already felt nauseated because I had taken so much medication to alleviate the pain. So we're driving and I am overwhelmed with the sense of throwing up everywhere.. Mom tells me to roll down the window, mind you it's like 15 degrees out, that helped!

So we finally get to the surgeons office and once again I feel like I am going to be sick the moment I sit down in the waiting room. I run to the bathroom where I sit on the disgusting floor awaiting for the inevitable. Nothing happens, I finally get called into the room where I am just a freaking mess. I break out in a rash, sweating and my chest is pounding.. here I am thinking great I am over medicated and perhaps I am OD'ing or I am having an allergic reaction..

Doctor comes in and tells me that I do not have a dry socket and am healing up fine. I hear those words and out of no where a huge sense of relief.. Here I am freaking out about a dry socket.. and I am fine. However the pain is still pretty rough! Turns out I guess I am having some pretty severe muscle spasms.

I am really tired of this and am hoping that the pain goes away soon. I really am behind now in all the stuff I had planned to do this week for the business and am yearning for some hard solid food. You know you can only take so much of yogurt, pudding and ice-cream.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Wedding Colors

My brides wanted search has started slow but is increasingly getting around and I am getting e-mails inquiring about this amazing oppertunity. Yes I know I am taking a huge cut for producing these goods, but I really want to get into the bridal scene with my jewelry and I know that offering my services at a steep discount will help me build my portfolio. Gotta start somewhere, right?

I found this beautiful color palatte for 2011 and am just in love with some of the colors.

If I could do it all over again, I think I would've had a fall wedding just because the colors are just beautiful then and living in Michigan, the backdrop would've been gorgeous! I love the tyrian purple and carrot orange.. oh what I could create with those colors. I think I will keep this for my 2011 fall / summer collection because I just love these colors. Hope some of my brides love these colors too!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Attention Brides - 

I am looking to build up my wedding section of the business and in order to do so I am offering brides there chance to have Kaliah Designs come up with something beautiful for them or for their bridesmaids. I know how tough it can be to find the look you are looking for for your bridesmaids, trust me I have been there. With the help of Kaliah Designs, I can guarantee that your girls will shine on your big day and will appreciate the token of appreciation as you gift them a beautiful piece of jewelry.  You can have me design your look for only $50.00 that's it. Includes all shipping costs, gift boxes, wrapping, gift tags and special letter inside the box. It's an absolute great price because prices for wedding party jewelry can range up to $300.00+.

Here is how it works:

E-mail me the month and day of your wedding, how many are in your party and what set of jewelry you are looking for. You are more than welcome to send me pictures of jewelry you have found online for me to incorporate to your overall look.

Other requirements:
1. You must be getting married in 2011 
2. Have a minimum of 2 girls and a maximum of 5 (if you have more there will be a small fee)

Once my brides contact me, they will then get a contract with more information provided that discusses your style, color wishes and what type of jewelry you are looking for.  Brides will get to choose from either a necklace & earrings set or bracelet & earrings set. Payment is made strictly through Pay Pal in order to start work. It is highly recommended that brides submit a swatch of their bridesmaid dresses in order to match colors or have appropriate coordinate colors because I can not be responsible for my color on my monitor to look different from yours when viewing dress selection on the computer.

Entries must be emailed by 2/14/2011 to 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 New Years Resolutions

It's not too late to list some of my new years resolutions for the business is it?? Funny how like the 3rd day people fall right off the bandwagon and it becomes a distant thought. However, I on the other hand, will not be doing that. I am going to commit to reaching my goals this year and when 2011 nears in end, (gosh that seems like so far from now) I can look back and really see what I did and did not accomplish. Alright, so what is on the list?

1. Organize..Organize..Organize.

I'd love to have my space look like this picture! Everything is all in order and just screams, "ok get in here and create". Then if you looked at my studio, which I won't even post because let's face it, it's in shambles and puts me to shame with the picture above. So part of the orangizing is going to include getting the fancy little vintage inspired boxes at Michale's and put all my crafting stuff in so that when I am done and ready to call it day, I can clean up and look at my studio and say, "Wow you look like a beautiful inspiring room".

2. Attend craft shows.

I have been a huge craft show supporter for years, I practically grew up going to all the major ones in the Metro Detroit area. I'm excited to hopefully become a vendor at some of those craft shows I've walked upon all these years. I'm learning the steps now that I need to take in order to be successful at these craft shows and I got to say, it ain't easy. It's not like putting up a display and saying viola. There is research that has to go into it. Like finding out if a particular show is going to interest the attendees, how many people actually attend and what the costs are associated with it. It is amazing at how much it cost to just set up a booth. There is a pretty fairly large craft show just neighboring my community in Rochester Hills called the Art's and Apple's Festival and that bad boy costs $375.00 to attend! Yikes.. however, lot's of people go to that so it might beneficial for me to go!

3. Promote My Jewelry to Boutiques.

Of course it is everyone's dream to be able to set up a little display in a too cute boutique in a bustling downtown area and I would like to add myself to that list. Although, it's just getting the courage to step and talk to owners. Funny how I have a degree in communications and have one hell of a time sealing a deal. However, I plan to conquer this fear and get out there and sell sell sell.

4. Make my Blog a Priority.

It's funny how we all set up a blog and then months go by and we're like, oh yea I forgot I had a blog. I see that all too often with people, but I've been blogging for years on a personal blog and have no problems doing so for my business. BUT, I know how sometimes business can pick up and life get's the best of us, so I will need to maintain this blog and keep it growing so that my customers get to catch a glance at the life behind the person who makes all those beautiful pieces you wear. I think it's important that people can relate to you more on a personal level rather then strictly business. That's the difference between a small business and a huge corporation. With huge corporations, you don't know where that product came from, how it was designed or what the thought process was behind it.

5. Set Business Hours.

As many of you crafties out there can relate, if you are doing this as your income, you work from morning to night and find no balance for anything else. I struggle with this daily. Sometimes I get up right when Mr.Hockey leaves for work at 8:00am and don't stop until 1 or 2am in the morning. Sure I stop to make sure my dog is fed and dinner is on the table, but other than that my life is this. I really want to figure out when is it going to be my stopping point. When do I shut the door to my my studio and focus on anything else but Kaliah Designs. This is going to be a challenge and I ponder at the idea if I will ever be able to get a hold of this resolution? I guess we shall see.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thinking about LOVE!!

It's totally not to early to already start thinking about Valentine's Day!! Yea I know we just got over the holidays but as a designer - you always have to start thinking ahead of the game. So today my inspiration for some of my new pieces came from this beautiful scrapbook page I made and framed a couple years ago.

It's a picture of Mr.Hockey and I. It's one of our engagement pictures taken by the wonderfully talented Tracey Currier. You can check out her website here:

My studio is full of inspiration so I am happy to share some of that with you. I am just super excited about some of the great pieces that I have bought over the past couple of weeks. Since I made a switch from contemporary jewelry to more of the vintage inspired jewelry, this seasonal section is going to focus more on the vintage approach. Who wouldn't love an old looking piece of jewelry as a Valentine's day gift this year. It's like pulling something out of your grandmothers jewelry box and thinking this is invaluable!

Here is one of my pieces that were created by that beautiful picture:

It's my Love Necklace. I just love it and since putting it up on my facebook site, I've already received compliments and hopeful sales. I can't wait to get back at it tomorrow morning. However for now, my bed is calling my name and so is Mr.Hockey!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Reflection

I'm a couple days behind because yay it's finally 2011, but it's been a crazy busy past few days and I am just now getting settled back into my somewhat normal life routine. I hosted not only Christmas Eve but also New Year's Eve.. in what I call a somewhat small condo.. some may say, what was I thinking?? I however, was thinking nothing because I absolutely love to plan and host parties. When Mr.Hockey and I move into our "dream home" I will be sure to have numerous special occasion parties with butler passed trays and drinks - ok, I think I have watched one too many Housewives of Orange County shows.  In all seriousness, it gives me great pleasure to put on a nice party and gather around close friends and family - It's where you make beautiful memories.

Alright so let's reflect on 2010.. When I think about 2010 I think about starting it off last year jobless and ready to tackle my wedding planning head on. It took me all of the first five months to plan this gorgeous amazing wedding that I put on, but I put my heart and soul into it. It was my baby and it was my job in my eyes. I was testing out my personal theory that perhaps, I should get into event planning. After all, I love to throw a good party.

I planned a beautiful reception for 100 guests on a tight budget. Although, when I look back I believe there was no budget because I just kept adding on to it but we never went into debt putting it on so that's all that matters, right? I'd love for you to enjoy some of the pictures that my amazing photographer took on that wonderful day:

Next on the list of reflections is the start of Kaliah Designs. Who knew that I one day would start up something? It only took until after the wedding to decide that maybe I should become my own boss and make a living doing something crafty from home? I struggled with thinking about what I was going to go to do for employment. I was having one hell of a time finding work after so many interviews and countless e-mails and leads. There were so many times when I would tell Mr.Hockey "Ok this is it, I think this is the one," only to come check my e-mail or receive a letter in the mail saying they went with someone with better qualifications. It became such a deteriorate that I honestly had no idea what I was going to do? I did not want to find myself after unemployment was exhausted with absolutely no work experience for an entire year and nothing to show for except the planning of my wedding part, because believe me, I told people that I was my own wedding planner. So I decided to take the plunge and start up something small to help gain back some lost work experience.

Thinking about what I could do did not take too long. I thought about the time I was in my local JoAnn's and saying to myself, I need to start making my own jewelry because Mr.Hockey was tired of me coming home with mounds of accessories bags filled with earrings, necklaces and bracelets. After researching and brainstorming it just sort of happen. It was hard to keep my mouth shut for too long as family members asked about my big secret.. haha many thought I was already pregnant.. so I had to spill the beans!

So far, I've been working on this venture now for about 3 months and honestly, it's really going well. I've received tons of compliments and so much enthusiasm about my work, that I know I can make it doing this. Sure I won't receive a steady paycheck but I am doing what I love to do and am busting butt to make sure that I will receive a steady paycheck one day!

In 2011, Kaliah Designs is going to launch a jewelry of the month club, deals of the week, make appearances in local craft show markets throughout the state of Michigan and promote promote promote on my Etsy site, my second store front avenue. 2011 I am sure is going to be an entire year of learning the in's and out's of being your own boss and learning from my mistakes and growing but I know one thing is for sure, it's going to be the year that the name Kaliah Designs is going to be known. I strongly believe that I will make a name for myself and be successful doing what I am passionate about doing.

So I will end this blog on a high note - can I get a HELL YEAH!! <3