Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Reflection

I'm a couple days behind because yay it's finally 2011, but it's been a crazy busy past few days and I am just now getting settled back into my somewhat normal life routine. I hosted not only Christmas Eve but also New Year's Eve.. in what I call a somewhat small condo.. some may say, what was I thinking?? I however, was thinking nothing because I absolutely love to plan and host parties. When Mr.Hockey and I move into our "dream home" I will be sure to have numerous special occasion parties with butler passed trays and drinks - ok, I think I have watched one too many Housewives of Orange County shows.  In all seriousness, it gives me great pleasure to put on a nice party and gather around close friends and family - It's where you make beautiful memories.

Alright so let's reflect on 2010.. When I think about 2010 I think about starting it off last year jobless and ready to tackle my wedding planning head on. It took me all of the first five months to plan this gorgeous amazing wedding that I put on, but I put my heart and soul into it. It was my baby and it was my job in my eyes. I was testing out my personal theory that perhaps, I should get into event planning. After all, I love to throw a good party.

I planned a beautiful reception for 100 guests on a tight budget. Although, when I look back I believe there was no budget because I just kept adding on to it but we never went into debt putting it on so that's all that matters, right? I'd love for you to enjoy some of the pictures that my amazing photographer took on that wonderful day:

Next on the list of reflections is the start of Kaliah Designs. Who knew that I one day would start up something? It only took until after the wedding to decide that maybe I should become my own boss and make a living doing something crafty from home? I struggled with thinking about what I was going to go to do for employment. I was having one hell of a time finding work after so many interviews and countless e-mails and leads. There were so many times when I would tell Mr.Hockey "Ok this is it, I think this is the one," only to come check my e-mail or receive a letter in the mail saying they went with someone with better qualifications. It became such a deteriorate that I honestly had no idea what I was going to do? I did not want to find myself after unemployment was exhausted with absolutely no work experience for an entire year and nothing to show for except the planning of my wedding part, because believe me, I told people that I was my own wedding planner. So I decided to take the plunge and start up something small to help gain back some lost work experience.

Thinking about what I could do did not take too long. I thought about the time I was in my local JoAnn's and saying to myself, I need to start making my own jewelry because Mr.Hockey was tired of me coming home with mounds of accessories bags filled with earrings, necklaces and bracelets. After researching and brainstorming it just sort of happen. It was hard to keep my mouth shut for too long as family members asked about my big secret.. haha many thought I was already pregnant.. so I had to spill the beans!

So far, I've been working on this venture now for about 3 months and honestly, it's really going well. I've received tons of compliments and so much enthusiasm about my work, that I know I can make it doing this. Sure I won't receive a steady paycheck but I am doing what I love to do and am busting butt to make sure that I will receive a steady paycheck one day!

In 2011, Kaliah Designs is going to launch a jewelry of the month club, deals of the week, make appearances in local craft show markets throughout the state of Michigan and promote promote promote on my Etsy site, my second store front avenue. 2011 I am sure is going to be an entire year of learning the in's and out's of being your own boss and learning from my mistakes and growing but I know one thing is for sure, it's going to be the year that the name Kaliah Designs is going to be known. I strongly believe that I will make a name for myself and be successful doing what I am passionate about doing.

So I will end this blog on a high note - can I get a HELL YEAH!! <3


  1. Looks like you had a great wedding and did a fantastic job of planning it and pulling it off. Congrats.

  2. Hi there. Your wedding photos are beautiful. Congrats on all your changes in 2010 and best wishes for your business in 2011! (I can identify with the job-hunting ups and downs. I went through a lot of that in the mid-80s while Texas was having a recession.)

  3. Thank you so much ladies!! It was so much fun planning the wedding and has really gotten my creative juices flowing.. I'm lucky enough that now I get to plan my sisters wedding! Yippie!