Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 New Years Resolutions

It's not too late to list some of my new years resolutions for the business is it?? Funny how like the 3rd day people fall right off the bandwagon and it becomes a distant thought. However, I on the other hand, will not be doing that. I am going to commit to reaching my goals this year and when 2011 nears in end, (gosh that seems like so far from now) I can look back and really see what I did and did not accomplish. Alright, so what is on the list?

1. Organize..Organize..Organize.

I'd love to have my space look like this picture! Everything is all in order and just screams, "ok get in here and create". Then if you looked at my studio, which I won't even post because let's face it, it's in shambles and puts me to shame with the picture above. So part of the orangizing is going to include getting the fancy little vintage inspired boxes at Michale's and put all my crafting stuff in so that when I am done and ready to call it day, I can clean up and look at my studio and say, "Wow you look like a beautiful inspiring room".

2. Attend craft shows.

I have been a huge craft show supporter for years, I practically grew up going to all the major ones in the Metro Detroit area. I'm excited to hopefully become a vendor at some of those craft shows I've walked upon all these years. I'm learning the steps now that I need to take in order to be successful at these craft shows and I got to say, it ain't easy. It's not like putting up a display and saying viola. There is research that has to go into it. Like finding out if a particular show is going to interest the attendees, how many people actually attend and what the costs are associated with it. It is amazing at how much it cost to just set up a booth. There is a pretty fairly large craft show just neighboring my community in Rochester Hills called the Art's and Apple's Festival and that bad boy costs $375.00 to attend! Yikes.. however, lot's of people go to that so it might beneficial for me to go!

3. Promote My Jewelry to Boutiques.

Of course it is everyone's dream to be able to set up a little display in a too cute boutique in a bustling downtown area and I would like to add myself to that list. Although, it's just getting the courage to step and talk to owners. Funny how I have a degree in communications and have one hell of a time sealing a deal. However, I plan to conquer this fear and get out there and sell sell sell.

4. Make my Blog a Priority.

It's funny how we all set up a blog and then months go by and we're like, oh yea I forgot I had a blog. I see that all too often with people, but I've been blogging for years on a personal blog and have no problems doing so for my business. BUT, I know how sometimes business can pick up and life get's the best of us, so I will need to maintain this blog and keep it growing so that my customers get to catch a glance at the life behind the person who makes all those beautiful pieces you wear. I think it's important that people can relate to you more on a personal level rather then strictly business. That's the difference between a small business and a huge corporation. With huge corporations, you don't know where that product came from, how it was designed or what the thought process was behind it.

5. Set Business Hours.

As many of you crafties out there can relate, if you are doing this as your income, you work from morning to night and find no balance for anything else. I struggle with this daily. Sometimes I get up right when Mr.Hockey leaves for work at 8:00am and don't stop until 1 or 2am in the morning. Sure I stop to make sure my dog is fed and dinner is on the table, but other than that my life is this. I really want to figure out when is it going to be my stopping point. When do I shut the door to my my studio and focus on anything else but Kaliah Designs. This is going to be a challenge and I ponder at the idea if I will ever be able to get a hold of this resolution? I guess we shall see.


  1. Great resolutions - I share most of them! I've been trying to get up the courage to approach local shops for ages, so maybe this will be the year I'll finally get the guts. *crosses fingers*

  2. A ha see i am not alone!! I wish you all the success in approaching those shops!!

  3. I think I share 3/5 - can't face the idea of shows! but yes, like you two, the local shops thing is on the horizon.

  4. These are great goals - I especially like the one about setting business hours.

  5. I'm working on my studio space too. It was my hubs workshop/storage area from hell and I am painting and taking over as we speak. That pink studio is awesome! Mine will never be that organized but I hope it will be pretty and fuctional!