Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can I Be Healed Now?

Gosh this is terrible.. I had ALL four of my wisdom teeth pulled last Friday afternoon and I am still recovering. I thought that this was going to be an easy recovery but boy was I wrong. I've been lucky enough that I did not swell up like many do but the pain is just unbearable. It was so bad on the third day that I convinced myself that I had a dry socket. I talked to the surgeons office and they told me to come on in because it sounded like I could be developing one. My journey to the office was quite the eventful one. My mom came to pick me up since I can't drive because of all the medicine I am on. Prior to her coming, I had already felt nauseated because I had taken so much medication to alleviate the pain. So we're driving and I am overwhelmed with the sense of throwing up everywhere.. Mom tells me to roll down the window, mind you it's like 15 degrees out, that helped!

So we finally get to the surgeons office and once again I feel like I am going to be sick the moment I sit down in the waiting room. I run to the bathroom where I sit on the disgusting floor awaiting for the inevitable. Nothing happens, I finally get called into the room where I am just a freaking mess. I break out in a rash, sweating and my chest is pounding.. here I am thinking great I am over medicated and perhaps I am OD'ing or I am having an allergic reaction..

Doctor comes in and tells me that I do not have a dry socket and am healing up fine. I hear those words and out of no where a huge sense of relief.. Here I am freaking out about a dry socket.. and I am fine. However the pain is still pretty rough! Turns out I guess I am having some pretty severe muscle spasms.

I am really tired of this and am hoping that the pain goes away soon. I really am behind now in all the stuff I had planned to do this week for the business and am yearning for some hard solid food. You know you can only take so much of yogurt, pudding and ice-cream.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

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  1. Sounds pretty rough! Feel better! I see you're following me and left a few comments, followed you back and will check out your shop!