Friday, January 14, 2011

A Local Business Find

I'm still in a bit of recovery mode and spent the day just hanging out at my mom's house lounging on her couch. I needed a change of scenery! Contemplating on if I was going to stay for dinner because she didn't have enough for both Scott and I to eat over she told me I could just grab two more pot pies from the local business up the road. Now, I am not one to be a fan of pot pies but at this point, I am craving any sort of hard food, so I just went ahead and said alright sounds fine to me.

Boy am I glad that I did. This small business up the road from my parents house called Marquee Marque Pasties has the BEST pot pies I have ever tasted. Just simply amazing! It basically melted in my mouth - I was truly enjoying the taste of meat in my mouth and it helped to chew because it wasnt too hard for me, which at this point is a plus.

Now, I should acknowledge that it's not really a pot pie because it doesn't come in a pot. It's just like a pazone but it's beefy with veggies. Probably better for you :) 

Mr.Hockey was impressed and agreed this would be our place to get pot pies from, from now on. They were absolutely reasonably priced and making it a small local business, gives it two thumbs up.

If you live south eastern Michigan, I urge you to take a drive to Sterling Heights to check this place out. You won't be disappointed.


  1. They actually sell pasties below the bridge? I thought it was just a Yooper thing!

  2. Yes they do!! So yummy!! Have you ever been down past the bridge?? I've never even crossed the bride yet. My husband and I want to do it this summer!!

  3. I've been down there a few times but not in a long time now! Oh there's lots of nice places to visit here in the UP!