Thursday, January 20, 2011

Other Family Crafts

I've stated before that crafting is in my blood. My mother is a crafter, started with her making tee-shirts and then to making cards and my Aunt Kathy is a crafter.. she is a much bigger crafter then anyone else that I know. She actually gives me the motivation to continue to craft and do what makes me happy. So big kuddo's to my Auntie who inspires me to follow my dreams and do what I love doing! I just have to share the latest craft she has started. Doggie Scarfs. These scarfs are just darling and something you can't find everywhere. They are just too cute and I am super glad that Benji doesn't mind one bit having these on him.

I apologize for the lack in photo quality, this was taken on my phone and it was the only picture that came out with Benji not moving around. This is his latest scarf - a Valentines Day one.. I swear to god isn't it too cute? She even made a small little toy bone for him too - it even squeaks! I love it :) He is absolutely too spoiled. How can you not, he's small and just gives me such great joy!

I just love getting these little scarfs, she does such a great job and I've mentioned on numerous occasions she should sell these, but she won't because to her it becomes a job other than a hobby, which I can understand. There are many things that I would love to do but I worry that I would turn it into a job other than a hobby! Guess its good to keep those things on the back burner until I see where Kaliah Designs takes me.

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