Friday, January 28, 2011

Tired of Cooking....

Alright I am getting a little tired of my wifely duties as is many other wives out there can relate to sometimes you just get sick of cooking every single day. We live on a tight budget with just basically one solid income my husbands, so we can't really afford to wine and dine every other day. After months of contemplating on making easy recipes or eating cereal (I am really not a bad cook) I decided it's time to purchase a slow cooker. My mother-in-law had given us a recipe book with 365 days worth of recipes and today.. well, I finally put it to use. A year later (shame shame, I know)

So how was my experience, really wasn't too bad. I made soup, because well, I didn't want to waste a huge piece of meat if I was an epic failure with it. The soup I found in the book was crab chowder.. yummy I thought, well it could've used crab meat then it called for but overall, I think it's the best invention for the busy housewife and or mom.

So overall I will give the slow cooker an A+. It will now sit promptly on my island waiting for it's next use. Anyone have some good recipes for that baby? I've got a lot of creating to do in the weeks ahead so I am sure I will be busy creating new and exciting slow cooker recipies.. wonder if Mr.Hockey will figure out my new technique? Will just let him think I am a master cooker :)

Night loves <3

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  1. I use mine to make venison chili (being a Yooper and all ya know eh? LMAO!) I also chose your blog for the stylish blogger award! Check out my blog post to accept it :)