Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Helps You Create?

The sweet sounds of music and a great candle burning is what gets my creativity flowing. Today, I listened to such a variety of music that if someone was listening they would think, gee this girl has a great music selection. The greatest invention to the iPod was the Pandora App. It is a HUGE part of my creative process because I can listen to such great music that may not already be on my play list.

Sooo.. what music did I listen to today? Well, it went from the Celion Dion station to the Britney Spears station back to the Van Halen station then back to Miss Britney! Regardless of what people say, I have always been a big Britney fan and will continue to be - I just love her music! Occasionally I stop working and break out into a dance while my dog looks at me funny - Hey I gotta get out of my chair anyways to move around! Plus, I burn some calories!!

So what gets you inspired?? Let's here it :)

1 comment:

  1. I pretty much to the same thing, pop on the slacker radio on my BlackBerry when I'm working :) Keeps my mind from wandering!