Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I started drafting this blog, I was all over the place. I started blabbing about what I wanted to be before I started this jewelry gig and how I hated my job before and then I deleted it all because I just thought, "what the hell am I writing," and then I went on to write about how I want to be a self-made millionaire than I was just like this is absolutely ridiculous. I'm leaving the self-made millionaire to my husband. So then I was just like let me tell my fans what my dreams are, any dreams business related and personal.  So here we go.....

 I dream to have a big beautiful house with that huge kitchen that I've mentioned before.
Then a huge room to do all my work in.
That house will have a lot of room to entertain in too. 

I dream that I'm known for creating and designing the next best thing!

I dream that we have beautiful children that we set a good example for. 

I dream that I can have my children photographed in cute little outfits for all there birthdays, holidays and just because by this fabulous local photographer: Sarah Lindsey Photography

I dream my children will be able to grow up knowing we did this all for them (and for mom and dad).

I dream that every year just my husband and I take a luxurious vacation, just like we did on our honeymoon.

 I dream that we have a vacation home up north off the water of Lake Michigan.

Finally, I dream that in 5 years, I can pull this list out while I dine in a fabulous restaurant with my husband and say, "See we did it" :)

So those are all my dreams.. how do I achieve them? By working so incredibly hard to get there, my husband I don't settle for just anything and we tell each other everyday we are going to get there. To have my partner be on the same page as me is the most rewarding part of my life right now because we both share the same dreams. Sure, we have our struggles right now as we try to get my business off the ground and running as well as my husbands, but we no the scarifies that we are making, are just going to get to those dreams. 


  1. Keep dreaming because that will become your reality.

  2. CremeMagnolia - I really hope so! You can never dream too big :)