Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Leap of Faith

So, I've been selling online now, mostly through my Facebook Page; oddly enough and through my website. I have the occassional sale from Etsy here and there, so basically all my sales come from online. I've wanted to start coming out of my shell per-say and get in front of people so this past week, I found out some great news.  I've been accepted to be a vendor at my local Farmer's Market.

Now, at first I didn't even think about contacting them because when you think of a farmers market, you think veggies, food and flowers not jewelry. However, I clicked on the link to see when my farmers market was going to be open this year and I seen the comment, "Looking for craft artists" and I jumped all over it.

I'm super excited to take this leap and have a real live location every Saturday during the summer and fall months. It's in such a great heavily trafficked area so I am hoping, fingers crossed, that I will do very well there. The gig doesn't start up until May 7th so I have plenty of time to start loading up on inventory and putting together all my pieces for my summer collection. I really am hoping that this will provide me with the opportunity to get my jewelry and accessories seen out there and continue to be a great success for me.

It's definitely going to be out of my comfort zone to sell in person to people because I don't want to be a pushy sales person because that is not who I am. So I am still brainstorming ideas of how I can be sure that if someone walks into my booth that they will walk away with a nice little something. I know this is going to take some time to adjust though but I am sure that it's going to work out lovely for me.

Be sure to check me out at the Shelby Township Farmers Market from 9am-2pm starting May 7th.

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