Sunday, February 20, 2011

My studio

The long awaited pictures of my studio are here. Now be warned, my space is nothing to get all excited over as I have not painted the room. Ee're still in limbo because we are renters to this condo and although we're on a long term rental agreement and can paint, I am just not sure if I want to invest the money into paint right now. So for now, this is what my creative space looks like.

Office Area:


Of course I have to my achievement area:
Top row is bachelors degree, national honor's society certificate, grad picture and then family graduation picture along with the rest of my jewelry collection on the bottom two rows. 

So that is my space for now. I really do hope to get a big house and have like an entire basement or perhaps one of those bonus rooms at the top of your house, (actually I think I prefer a bonus room rather than a basement for natural light) to be able to create in and make it my own space. Every time I look in the Where Women Create book or magazine, I just die and fall out of my chair looking at the beautiful spaces that other women have created to work in. Well now you see where this creator works up those beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories.

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