Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

You ever have a bunch of thoughts running through head and so many ideas and things you feel you must concur! Yup, that is me about 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent is thinking about how I am going to get all those thoughts to calm down!

Mr. Hockey and I have made the final decision to start looking for a bigger place. Our lease is up in our condo in September and we would really like to find a house. Our condo is just too small for us and we just need more space. We both are trying to run our own business and we have kids on the mind like crazy. We've been happily married now for 8 months now (seems much longer) and we really want to start a family and we know that it's just not possible to do so in the place that we are in now.

I had gone back and forth about the thought of having kids and there were days that I said no way not right now, but in all seriousness, we both love kids and just want to have one of our own. Were both ready to seriously settle down and experience the joy of having our own little family. My husband has secretly been hoping I'd come around because I can tell he wants to be a dad. Makes me smile just thinking how he acts with my little cousins and seeing him interact with them just puts me into full baby mode. All you mommy's out there no exactly what I mean.

There just comes a time in a woman's life when you finally see your husband truly enjoy the company of children and you stop to take it all in and wonder what it would be like if you had your own kids. Do not get me wrong I know that this will be the biggest challenge I face as a women because I know that it's not easy but I am ready to concur the challenge.

So to first get us to get to that step, we need to look for a house. We have some money saved and a ton of homes have just been released onto the market in our area. We most definitely want to stay where we are at now because we love this area and can not possible see ourselves moving away from here. I must be able to have some sort of work area as I will be running a business out of home and need to have my own space.. which brings me to my next topic..

How in the hell am I going to run my business and take care of a baby at the same time? Just like all the other working mom's out there working, expect I will still have the advantage of staying home and raising my child. I know I will get a ton of help from my mother because she is obsessed with being a grandma right now, so I am not worried about always having to be stuck with a baby and no time to work. Most of my new collection pieces are going to be easier to create and will allow me to get those pieces done when the baby is napping or at night time.  or of course when grandma comes over to visit.

Am I crazy for having all these feelings now or is it completely normal when your newly married, crazy in love and want it all :) Hey I am not getting any younger and either our are parents! I'm a strong women and believe that I can take it ALL on! I've been to college full time, worked full time and had a part time community service project all at the same time.. I know I can be wife, mother, daughter and business owner! :)


  1. You can do it sweetie! Derek and I were married a year before we even started to try, but with life and everything we got our positive pregnancy test about 2 months before our 2nd anniversary. Then, as you know, I started my business when Liam was 4 months old.

    My point is you are not crazy and you CAN do it! My one piece of advice is to be and stay flexible. You will have this grand picture of how everything will be, and it just won't be that way. *lol* Keep the picture though, it is essential for keeping you on the path you want to be on.

  2. Adrienne, thanks so much for even more advice! You are such an inspiration and motivator, as I see you running well with your jewelry business. I'm glad that I have someone to have these conversations with. I so look forward to our play dates in the future.

  3. Welcome to EBT and I'm your newest follower. Loved your blog and hearing about new housing and baby!

  4. Hi CremeMagnolia!! So excited to connect with you :)

  5. Will be keeping an eye on you and look forward to some happy news... children change everything, but in such wonderful, crazy ways.