Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight On Handmade Michigan: CATE'S EMPORIUM

Nestled in a cute shop on Etsy, Cate's Emporium features beautiful Victorian inspired jewelry. The owner, Catherine got into beading after an auto accident several years ago. While she tried painting while be bedridden, that proved to be not so easy and unsuccessful. So then she decided to take up beading instead, as she has always enjoyed that off and on since she was a teen. Catherine says, "At least with beading, I could play 52 pick-up instead of cleaning up spilled paint!" Ain't that the truth :)

Soon after she began creating she was giving her creations away as gifts to family and friends, and from there, it was on to Etsy! So where does she get her creativity from?
"I think being creative is passed on from our genes, and therefore a beautiful gift from our Creator. Most of my brothers and sisters are very creative one way or another. When one has the creative gene, it can be honed and greater skills can be developed. As you can see from my jewelry designs, I really love the beautiful things found in nature and most of my inspiration comes from that," says Catherine.
Catherine many times, get's her design ideas when she can't sleep, "A design idea will pop into my head and I'll just go with it," says Catherine. Other times, she'll be thinking about a design for a few days and then she'll put it together.

What's cool about Cate's Emporium is if you really like something in her shop, she offers lay-a-way! Now how cool is that. You can contact her to find out more about that fabulous service.

Aside from creating and looking for great supplies for jewelry designs, Catherine enjoy spending time with her husband and family. She has four growing grandchildren and five grown children.

You can find Cate's Emporium on Etsy and by clicking on the following links:

She also hopes that come mid May, she will be able to set up a booth in the Rustic Belt Market in Ferndale, with the many other fabulous MI Etsy shop owners. 

Next week on Spotlight On Handmade Michigan, will be featuring AnnMariesPottery. We're always looking to add to our roster, so if you own a handmade MI business please contact me at: adriane[at]kaliahdesigns[dot]com for your chance to be featured.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday.. Monday.. Monday.. MONDAY..

It's MONDAY! For many it's the one day of the week they dread, but being that I work from home, it's not too bad and I usually don't dread it. However today, I woke up with such a terrible headache. It could of been a variety of reasons knowing that today I need to start getting my sisters bridal shower invitations made, get some planning done and get an order out all while knowing that my unemployment is going to run out soon. All of those are ALL pretty stressful, so I am pretty sure those things all played in effect with my headache. However, I am pleased to say that my headache has gone away thanks to some wonderful pills my mom gave me and a cherry Pepsi. That's all I needed to get myself in a better shape and this also helped too.

'Springtime Garlands' by LisaTakata

Springtime garlands - to adorn your neckline with something beautiful and handmade.

bleu de mer necklac...

Falling for you

Lace necklace with ...

crocheted necklace

Lavender Scarf, Nec...

NEW Goodbye Fall H...

Pastel Glass Flower...

Pandoran Garden Nec...

Blue and Pink Flowe...

Crochet Beaded Attr...

Multistrand Blue Fl...

Flower Power multic...

Blue Bird Flower Ne...

Orange colorcircle ...

Hand crochet Lariat...

Eurystomella Aupour...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

I found this little surprise in my Etsy Activity feed when I logged in to check on my items. My Blue Bird Flower Necklace was featured in this fun treasury.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday to You! This morning I woke up and the sun was shining right on my back as I was doing some early morning work. It felt great and now at 11:30 the clouds have taken over and I guess it's supposed to rain later. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy a bit of the early morning sun.

Today I have an agenda. I want to get some major work done for my new shop. I am opening up a sister shop called lilmisskaliahdesigns which will feature a collection of hair accessories for little girls and mommies too! Here is a little sneak peak of the banner that Mr.Hockey created last night.

I'm so in love with it! He did such a great job putting my idea together and coming out with something so pretty and girly like. Let's hope that when we start a family we have a girl because he will be able to put together a lot of cute little girl stuff :) Shh don't tell him I said that :)

I've been really getting involved in the fabric flower making. It's super easy to do and allows me to just bang out a bunch of pieces in just a few hours. I will still have my original business but will be focusing my spare time on getting this up and running. Call me crazy, but I am trying my darnest to make myself a success. So if it's having two businesses then so be it. Perhaps as time evolves, I'll combine them into one but for now, I believe that the jewelry needs to be kept separate then these fabric flower accessories for little girls.

I've been working on some fabric flowers for Kaliah Designs and put together this beautiful interchangeable flower. It's made with a satin fabric and can be clipped on to this necklace, or worn separate. It looks super cute in the hair, on a hat or pinned on to your shirt :)

What do you guys think?? Love it, hate it, leave it for another day?? I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Happy Rainy Wednesday and Welcome Back to my sweet little duckies! 

The snow is starting to melt and the ducks are coming back to the pond so that is a for sure sign that spring is just around the corner. It's been a long winter and honestly I am tired of keeping my windows shut tight. I am so ready to open up the house and get some fresh clean air through the house. My little Benji is too.. lately he is been wanting to go outside and explore his surroundings outside. I don't think he remembers our back balcony. So yes, I am ready to feel some warmer air every time I have to take Benji outside to explore.

It's been forever since I got on here and blogged but as you all know, life does get the best of us at times. I am gearing up for yet again another change over. It seems like I am always doing that but opening up a handmade business allows to keep finding what suits you best. Lately, I have really gotten into the fabric flower making. I find it to be so much cheaper to make my own embellishments then buying them myself. I am truly turning into a frugalista these days. Which is good because this hopeful mom-to-be will need to find every avenue I can to save money. 

I've been working on creating the above flowers. I want to be able to make my jewelry interchangeable to allow all my pretty customers the chance to wear these flowers in many different ways. I'll create these to wear on a beaded necklace, a headband, pin or whatever your heart desires. I know there are ways you girls can make these little beauties work. I think it's just such a great idea to make your dollar stretch a bit farther. I'm working on getting these up soon, just when I think they are ready to be launched.. something get's in the way and I have to push it back. Perhaps the first day of spring I should launch them since I have tons of springy looking ones. I'll set an exact date soon. 

Well Mr. Hockey should be home from work pretty soon so that means I need to start my wifely task of making dinner. Today's menu consist of steak sandwiches with sweet potatoes and some buttery biscuits.. yumm-o! Maybe a glass of wine (or two) :p

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Product Question

So I've been thinking about making my fabric flowers be versatile by allowing you to not only wear them on your beautiful Kaliah Designs necklaces, but also attached on a headband or bobby pin or even pinned on to a plain tee-shirt or jacket for some added cuteness.

So think of this beautiful floral necklace with the flower already attached and then be able to put it on a number of different things?

So I want to hear what your thoughts would be? I've included a poll in my blog so please let me know if this is something you would love and buy. As always, I'll be sure to make sure these would be fabulously affordable for you.