Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Product Question

So I've been thinking about making my fabric flowers be versatile by allowing you to not only wear them on your beautiful Kaliah Designs necklaces, but also attached on a headband or bobby pin or even pinned on to a plain tee-shirt or jacket for some added cuteness.

So think of this beautiful floral necklace with the flower already attached and then be able to put it on a number of different things?

So I want to hear what your thoughts would be? I've included a poll in my blog so please let me know if this is something you would love and buy. As always, I'll be sure to make sure these would be fabulously affordable for you.


  1. I voted, my vote was a yes. although to be fair I am a guy and am looking at it as a gift idea not actually to wear.

  2. Well you are one cool guy to vote as a gift idea. We need more guys like you to cast a vote :)

  3. I voted yes, because at the moment, I am being very budget conscience and the more uses I can get from a piece, the better.

    Hi - new follower from the EBT.

  4. I think added versatility is always a great idea : )

    I voted!


  5. I'm counting my pennies too these days so I thought that this would be a great idea! Who wouldnt love to wear a necklace with a pretty flower one day and then add to a headband the next! I say it's perfect for us frugalistas :)