About Us

There I am! The designer behind Kaliah Designs. In one of my most beautiful moments in my life, that picture was taken at my wedding shower in April of 2010. If you don't already know, my name is Adriane Baden. The one that masters up the unique, jaw-dropping and oh so beautiful jewelry you all so kindly love.

I started Kaliah Designs in September of 2010 with one hope in mind - to allow me to become my own boss. Do I have experience in the business world? Sure, I've worked in a variety of different types of business forms. I worked hard to achieve a bachelor's degree from Oakland University (this semi-large university in the suburbs of Rochester Hills, MI) and I have the experience working at a fairly decent marketing and advertising agency that molded me into a worry wart.. don't worry, I am working on mending this issue but, I do know that I have the determination and drive to become one hell of a successful entrepreneur.

It's you the one reading this, that is going to help me get there! You guys are the ones that will be partly responsible of my success. You would be the one that would refer me to a friend, a family member, a co-worker - maybe even your neighbor. The other half is me busting butt to make that success happen by creating what you want, promoting all day - basically all the dirty hard work.

My husband, who I will refer to as Mr.Hockey on here, is the one who is my number one fan. He's the one that told me to go for this and make it a reality. He only wanted to see me be the happiest I can be, oh and also be home to cook his mouth water meals for dinner, clean his dirty laundry and take care of our spoiled rotten teacup chihuahua, Benji. So in between driving myself crazy running this business, I still have to be that happy housewife and hopeful mom to be.

Mr. Hockey & I on our Wedding Day